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Olney, MD - Moving company, Movers, Local move, relocation, storage

Moving - Olney, Maryland

If you are planning to move your family into or out of Olney, MD, you need a local moving company with an exceptional reputation for getting your belongings from pick up to destination without damages. Movers USA is that company. We are a full service moving company offering packing, crating, moving and storage, if needed. Call Movers USA for a free estimate or you can click here to start your moving process now.

Please read and enjoy the brief history we have provided of Olney, MD.


A Brief History of Olney, Maryland

The founding members of St. John's Church met in March, 1842 to establish our church in Mechanicsville (now Olney). They were: Thomas J. Bowie, William B. Magruder, Elizabeth Davis, Washington Bowie, Richard Holmes, Millicent R. Wilcoxen, Elisha J. Hall, Allen Bowie Davis, Caleb Gartrell, Dr. William P. Palmer and Enoch B. Hutton. Ignatius Waters and his wife, Eliza, gave the land for the church and the graveyard.

St. John's Church was then a part of the Diocese of Maryland -- until the Diocese of Washington was established in 1895. The church was consecrated on August 22, 1845 by the Bishop of Maryland. Eight members of the Diocese of Maryland in Baltimore came by horseback for the consecration. Bishop William Rollison Worthington stayed overnight at "Roseneath," home of the Senior Warden Thomas J. Bowie, at the corner of Bowie Mill Road and Bready Road. The text of the Bishop's twenty-five page, hand-written text is on file in the Diocese of Maryland Archives.

At the time St. John's Church was established, the village was a cross roads between Rockville and Baltimore and Washington, D.C. and Westminster, Maryland. Located at the western edge of Sandy Spring, a Quaker community, the area was made up of large farms and plantations. A blacksmith, potter and other tradesmen served the community needs.

The first rector was called in 1842 to serve St. Johns Church which included the area from approximately Norbeck Road, including now Manor Country Club, on the south to the Howard County line -- above Sunshine to the north, west toward Laytonsville and east to the Patuxent River.

The rector traveled on horseback or by horse and buggy from the rectory in Brookeville -- to St. John's Church and St. Bartholomews, Laytonsville. He also served St. Luke's Brighton which it was built in 1870, and a Howard County chapel and a misson chapel located between Laytonsville and Sunshine in the late 1800?s. As the area changed with more homes and people, the churches called their own rectors -- St. Bartholomews in 1948 and St. Lukes in 1963. St. John's rector has served only our church since 1963.

St. John's Church was originally located in St. John's Cemetery. In 1910, the Church was moved to its present site. The bell tower, sacristy and stained glass windows were added.

The second renovation, in 1980, joined the Church to the Parish Hall, built in 1956. The transept and new sacristy were added and the vestibule-narthex enlarged. The pipe organ and new altar window were installed at that time.

In 1961 St. John's School was founded. In 1976, St. John's Church became the headquarters of African Palms, U.S.A., a ministry of outreach that continues to expand. As a parish of the Episcopal Church, St. John's is part of the Diocese of Washington, D.C. and of the 70 million member world-wide Anglican Communion.


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